Specialist Diploma in Distribution Business Management


DBM unites the world's educational institutions in the study of global logistics and supply chain strategies by awarding SPECIALIST DIPLOMA in DISTRIBUTION BUSINESS MANAGEMENT (SDBM). This SPECIALIST DIPLOMA has been developed in cooperation with many of the world's leading universities. Through this program, candidates gain international recognition as world class leaders in supply chain.

The first step in attaining the diploma involves attending three SCLA Annual Executive Forums. Upon completion, candidates write a paper detailing how the knowledge and best practices gained from SCLA were applied to improving operations at their company. Each submission is supervised by one of DBM’s educational board members.

Specifications and Guidelines

 Specialist Diploma information: Details, Specifications, and Guidelines in .pdf format.

About DBM

The Distribution Business Management Association (DBMA) provides think tank forums between business and academia that seek solutions to the pressing issues facing today’s and tomorrow’s supply chain and logistics executives.