Supply Chain Leaders in Action

Our annual conference brings together many of the innovative and successful minds in supply chain from across the US and world. From keynotes to breakout sessions, ideas are discussed, thoughts shared, and businesses improved


Nation's largest corporations banded together to form the leading business think tank in the area of supply chain/logistics. 

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Provides extraordinary value to its members and has enabled much needed lifelines to form between high-level executives across the globe.

SCLA Overview

The Supply Chain Leaders in Action (SCLA) is by invitation due to the limited size; however all aspects of membership and the program adhere to our Anti-trust rules. Membership is for three consecutive years, which may be extended upon expiration. The size of membership is limited to 400 executives attending the May Business Forum which is generally 60 to 70 major corporations. The corporations attending represent the senior management of many of the nation's largest corporations which a combined annual revenue base in excess of $1.5 trillion. 

DBM Journal

The Journal is written and edited for executives and managers responsible for defining, creating, implementing and integrating supply chain strategies. The Journal aims to help professionals remain informed about the latest and the most innovative ways to minimize their company's distribution and logistics costs, streamline their supply chain and maintain high standards of both quality and customer service.

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About DBM

The Distribution Business Management Association (DBMA) provides think tank forums between business and academia that seek solutions to the pressing issues facing today’s and tomorrow’s supply chain and logistics executives.